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Graphic Design

1. How are you different from a design agency?

Unlike a design agency, a freelance designer like me works on a solo basis. Clients will enjoy the luxury of having direct contact with me rather than through an account executive who acts as the middleman between the client and the designer. While agencies may see the client as a number, I am able to dedicate more time and energy to the clients’ works as each client is valuable to me.

2. Are you cheaper than a design agency?
When compared to boutique design agencies, my costs are generally lower and clients can enjoy great designs at a fraction as design agencies have much higher overhead costs. On the other hand, design agencies can offer more integrated solutions and faster turnaround time for large-scale projects due to having a team of professionals compared to a solo-preneur like me. Many design agencies usually enjoy lower economies of scale and in some cases, some services they offer can be cheaper than mine. Regardless of costs, you will still need to check the portfolio of each agency to determine if their styles will suit your needs as cheaper does not necessarily mean better. You should evaluate your needs and the scale of your project to consider if you should seek a design agency or a freelance designer.
3. How are you different from other designers?

Different designers have different styles and level of experience. Some designers are more skilled in corporate design than others, have strong illustrative styles and some specialise their niche areas elsewhere. I specialise in below-the-line advertising with experience in various industries such as events, hospitality, music, retail, fashion, entertainment and branding. My experience in both working in the UK and Singapore has established me as being able to blend design to different cultures and settings. You can check out my portfolio to consider if my style is suitable for your needs.




4. Why should I hire you over a junior designer?

Junior designers can possess great portfolios but many lack the job experience in dealing with clients and can take a longer time in their execution in comparison to seasoned designers. If you are looking for someone who has years of experience, who knows what they are talking about and who can lead and art direct without you pulling your hair in frustration to help them do their job, I am definitely the key choice for you. If a cheap budget is what you are aiming for,  you can seek interns or junior designers. But bear in mind that you get what you paid for.





5. Why is it that when I print out an image from the web, the colours look different?

Screen colours for electronic devices make use of RGB colours while print colours make use of CMYK. What you see on screen cannot be relied as the accurate projection of the colours on print as CMYK colour space excludes all the colours in the colour spectrum that RGB includes. If you are very particular on how your colours appear on print, I can offer Pantone colour presentations upon request, which will help you make the right choices for your printing needs.

6. Design is so easy that even a 5-year-old can do it. I also can, and I don't think a logo should cost more than $5.

This is one of the common misconceptions (Mmm…then why would you seek me in the first place? ). Take a logo for example – it is easy to judge at first sight that the logo is “easy to do”, that “even a 5-year-old can do it”. What you are looking at is the finished product. What you are not looking at is the process behind each logo, the countless of hours of research and sketches so as not to make your logo look the same as your competitors, and the multiple options and revisions requested in order to further perfect that logo. You’re not just paying for the product, but also the man-hours behind its creation. There are sites out there that over-promise that a logo can be done in a few minutes and even D.I.Y with their long list of selections of icons. What they do not tell you, is that because those icons are their copyright, you are only given a royalty-free pass to use them. Even if they give you the option to change certain colours of elements of that icon on their system, by law, you cannot claim or own copyright of your logo, neither are you allowed to trademark on that design. My logo design for each client is unique, carefully thought out and clients get to own the copyright of that logo on the condition of full payment. I will also carry you through the process of choosing your colours for print and digital, icon usage and a whole list of comprehensive solutions to your logo. (If a 5-year-old can do it, can I hire that 5-year-old?)

8. I paid for your design, therefore I have full copyright to it, right?
According to international copyright law, copyright of the artwork belongs to the creator, and in this case, the creator is me, the designer, even if you commissioned me to create it. Just because we paid for Adobe software does not mean that we own the copyright to the creation of the software. Royalty-free images remain the property right of their respective creators despite people paying for their use. Except for logo design, I do not normally give copyright to clients, but I do give paying clients exclusive rights to the artwork, which protects both client and creator from unlicensed publishing by third-parties. To have full copyright transfer of artwork to the client, I may do it for an agreed additional fee upon request under certain conditions that has to be agreed by both parties.
9. Do you accept projects from outside Singapore?
Absolutely. I have worked for clients from Singapore, UK and USA before, and am ready to take on more from other parts of the world.
10. I am an overseas client. How do I pay you?
All payments from overseas can be made via PayPal (a link will be sent to you) or bank transfer. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to the start of the project after signing a contract with me. The last payment is to be made before the delivery of the final artwork.
11. Do you offer printing services?
Nope. I’m not a printing house. As a freelance designer, I will only provide the artwork to you in print-ready format. This gives you greater flexibility in choosing any printer you want. You can also have me liaise with your printer if you are unsure on how your final artwork will look like.
12. I am a design agency. Can I hire you on a freelance basis?
Absolutely. Feel free to get in touch with me.
13. Are there any kinds of work you avoid?
Apparently, yes. I avoid doing work that promotes gambling, alcoholism, pornography and any other thing that can cause or encourage serious offense towards others, and/or that goes against my conscience and beliefs. In such cases, you are free to seek other designers out there who are open to such projects. I also do not accept speculative work.


1. Why do you not include your telephone number or address?

Simply to prevent spam and protect my privacy. Besides, the best thing about being a freelancer is that I get to work from anywhere around the world since my graphic design and writing services are virtual products. As for craft works, should you need to return a product (see return policy), get in touch with me and I will forward you the relevant address for returning.

2. Without a contact number, how can I contact you if I have an urgent request?

Simply message me through my contact form. In the current digital age we are living with all the available apps and cool smartphones, getting in touch has never been easier and faster. Rest assured that I am prompt with my replies.

3. Can I interview you?

Yes, provided you are credible in your reporting 🙂


1. Why don’t you charge by per-word basis?

Simple. Let’s say you buy a good meal, do you pay for its ingredients only or the labour only or both? Likewise, when I write, I factor in the man-hours of thought-process, ideas, key word research and a big dollop of editing and revising to write a smacking good article for you. The saying is true that you pay for what you get.

2. What is the process of your writing like?
Once I receive the brief, I will dive into deep research, popular keyword searches and expanding upon ideas. Next, I will draft out the article, revise and edit along the way, and give you a limited number of drafts for your approval.
3. Which areas of writing can you do?

My key speciality is in content writing. Upon request, I can also do advertorials, press releases or copy-writing. But my strongest point remains content writing.

4. Do you offer a combined service of both graphic design and writing?
Absolutely. Get in touch with me for a quotation based on your needs.

Craft Works / Shop

1. What kind of crafts do you specialise in?
I do many various kinds – polymer clay miniatures, concrete accessories, jewelry, furniture, etc. My biggest specialty is in clay modelling.
2. How come some of your crafts are not for sale?
Many of the crafts in my showcase section are not for sale but are part of my showcase. If you are interested in any of the items in the showcase section, you can contact me for custom orders. I regret that not all items on the showcase can be custom ordered.
3. Can I request for a custom gift?
Yes you can. Enquire on which gift you’d like to have customised.
4. How come the product I ordered does not look the same as in the photo online?
Every product is handmade and no one product is the same as the other. Not forgetting the variance in screen monitor colours in each individual’s computer that can affect the colours of how the product look on the screens. Many of the products I make are made with recycled materials as part of the beauty of saving our planet and reducing waste, and take hours of meticulous hand work. Hence, the imperfections you may see are part of the organic beauty of it being handmade.
5. Do you do gifts for events like corporate, weddings, birthdays, etc?
Yes I do. Please contact me with your bulk orders and requests.
6. How long does it take to receive an order once it’s placed?
Depends on where you are located. If you are located in Singapore, you can expect your product to arrive within 3-5 days, and longer if they are custom made orders. If you are located overseas, waiting time can vary accordingly.
7. What is the return policy?
Please refer to the conditions for a Return Policy here.
8. Can I cancel my orders?
Once a payment is made online, no cancellation is allowed. However, for bulk orders or custom orders where an advanced request is made, cancellation must be made within 24 hours after confirmation of the orders. After 24 hours, no cancellation can be made.
9. What is the currency used in the prices?
All prices stated in this website are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Please check the latest currency rate for accurate cost of the product from your country of residence.
10. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. If you are outside Singapore and have ordered the product, additional shipping charges will apply and I will send you a link for confirmation of the additional shipping cost which need to be paid before delivery. Alternatively, if you are based overseas and you are using a shipping courier based in Singapore to ship your items for you, ensure that you input the right address of the local shipping company. There are no overseas shipping charges for this and you will be charged standard local delivery rates in Singapore.
11. How do I contact you?
You can contact me via the contact form here and I am prompt with my replies on the working days Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm (Singapore Time).
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