The after effects of Namewee’s recent 4896 concert remain indelible in my mind.

As a self-confessed ang moh pai who often listens to English music, 黄明志 or Namewee as he’s known, is one artiste that will perk your head up. I’m no fan, but he has gotten me so curious that I was actually excited to attend his concert at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

After the opening performance by cutesy Malaysian girl group, Amoi Amoi, the Star Theatre dimmed as multiple large digital screens illuminated, broadcasting a video compilation of Namewee’s fledgling struggles, his numerous controversies and his arrests – a badge of honour he carries about to remind the world of how he started.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for.

Clad in loose rapper outfit and funny-shaped sunglasses, Namewee rapped to the hearty rhythms of his live band, garnering a cacophony of applause and hollers that made the entire atmosphere vibrate with electrifying exhilaration. His female backup dancers added to the dynamism of his performances, which were catchy, upbeat and amusing, despite the lewd connotations in many of his songs that carry a generous twist of light-hearted wit in their lyrics.

After his first song, Namewee faked a collapse and was dragged away from stage, causing guffaws to erupt. It was the first of his many comedic skits that filled in between his songs.

The 5000-strong crowd interacted to every song he performed – singing, clapping, cheering, screaming, waving, middle finger flashing — you name it. Despite his meteoritic star status, Namewee proved to be pretty down-to-earth. During his entertaining skits, he shared anecdotes of his personal life and spoke to the audience as if they were his friends and they laughed along heartily.