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Client: Alliance Sealand Equipment Solutions (ASES) 
Year: 2019
Country: Singapore

ASES is an innovative industrial integrated multi-strategic solution provider within the fields of marine, offshore, mining, construction and energy industries.

Web Design + Writing
The website was designed with a product catalog that uses the e-commerce engine without the shopping cart function, due to the heavy-duty nature of each product and varying geographical and tax regulations that affect the pricing of each product to various countries. Instead, a product enquiry function tied to each specific product was added for convenient correspondence between the supplier and its customers, rather than going through the generic “Contact” section of the homepage. This improved the user experience of the website. The tone of writing was one that was inviting, warm and professional without the “hardiness” generically associated with the industrial sector.

ASES website design
ASES homepage
ASES project page
ASES products page
ASES Balltec page
ASES projects page
ASES product page

Exhibition Wall Design

ASES exhibition wall design

Folder Design

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