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Medium: Point of Sale (POS)
Year: 2016 – 2017
Client: Borden Eagle
Country: Singapore

Borden Eagle is a global manufacturer of the Eagle Brand Medicated Oil and other pharmaceutical products.

Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) design for Borden Eagle, only seen at 7-11, Terminal 1 of Changi Airport. Before the design, the POS was bare and desolate. With the makeover based on their existing campaign, the brand colours are kept consistent while the utilisation of their iconic eagle medicated oil bottle is used to ‘contain’ all the various key products they have in sale.

POS Design for Borden Eagle at 7-11, T1, Changi Airport

Wobbler and Copywriting

This wobbler was designed for Borden Eagle’s newest product line at that time – Fresh On. Fresh On is a massage oil with a citrus tangy smell with a menthol feel when applied to aching skin. It is pocket-size and comes with a roll-on. To reflect this signature style, the product’s existing leaf graphic and water droplets was used to emphasize its origin and refreshing nature, while the tangy colours of green and yellow were adopted to reflect its smell. Copywriting was short, memorable and resonated the key points of the product’s effectiveness. The overall design appealed to both older and younger people, especially those who are busy workers. Both wobblers were visible at Watson stores and Unity stores nationwide.

Unity wobbler
Watsons wobbler

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