Client: Clout Shoppe
Year: 2011
Country: Singapore

CloutShoppe was one of SingPost’s subsidiary companies and was a luxury goods e-commerce shop. I was tasked to design its entire website and its web banners.


CloutShoppe web design


CloutShoppe’s competition campaign called Catch the Clout Race. The logo was designed for a nationwide competition where anyone can join and race through a few MRT stations to collect clues and win prizes. The ‘R’ was tweaked to look like the racing ribbon while the overall logo kept in sync with the main logo design.

Catch the Clout Race logo


Under the same campaign called “Catch the Clout Race”, these posters were created to be put at selected MRT stations where the race held.

Catch the Clout Race poster design
Catch the Clout Race poster design

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