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Client: Glacious
Year: 2009
Country: Singapore

Glacious was a yogurt company based in Singapore that sells fat-free yogurt at food stalls.


Glacious was a yogurt stall selling healthy, fat-free yogurt. Being new to the market then, this logo was created to give the stall a fresh and contemporary look. The ‘i’ was customised to look like a spoon, while the dots above the ‘O’ resembled yogurt toppings in a bowl of yogurt.

Glacious logo
Glacious cup design

Wall Illustration and Menu

This wall illustration was created for the pillar at Glacious’ stall. It adopted a playful and contemporary look that resonated with the branding of the stall. The menu at the top was simple, playful and easy-to-read.

Glacious branding and illustration

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