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Client: Pho Viet
Year: 2018
Country: Singapore

Pho Viet is a Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore that serves a variety of scrumptious and authentic Vietnamese food.

Logo Design

Pho Viet’s logo is represented by a bowl of flowing noodles being lifted up by a pair of chopsticks positioned in a knitting posture. The overall logo is simple, memorable and contemporary. The logo comes in 2 forms: original (left) and secondary (right). The secondary one is used where space constraints in marketing collateral are taken into consideration.

Tri-Fold Menu Design

Working together with photographer, Gareth Gay of CraftsmenSG Productions and food stylist, Alicia Chow on Pho Viet’s photography branding, Pho Viet’s menu was given a vintage Vietnamese feel that complemented well with the restaurant’s industrial interior setting. Content writing that I provided included the “Did You Know?” facts and the back summary. Writing did not include menu items.

Order Chit Design

Signboard Designs

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