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Client: Production London
Year: 2008-2009
Country: London, England

Production London was an events company that specialised in organising music events in London. I was tasked to design its social media banners, cards and illustration.


The postcard was designed for the Milk Shake Shake event with alternative and vintage music in mind. The tongue-in-cheek illustration done as a result to make it look witty and attractive to music lovers in the London underground scene.

Milk Shake Shake front cover


Before Facebook, there was MySpace, during which it was the most popular social network back in the days. This illustration was created with a playful, tongue-in-cheek feel that resonate the many kinds of random images and emotions that music brings.

MySpace background illustration

Social Media Banners and Illustration

‘After Hours’ was an music event that happened past midnight with alternative music and D-jaying non-stop. The illustration was designed to resemble that of morning coffee, except with the biscuit replaced with a music disc and the mascot night owl on its cup. These banners were designed for MySpace and Facebook.

After Hours banner design
After Hours night-owl mascot

Branding, Identity and Illustration

‘We, Like You’ was an eclectic London club night held at 93 Feet East and the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. In collaboration with the team at Production London, I came up with the idea to use Russian Dolls to connote the idea of birth (being ‘like you’), relation and progress. Subsequent designs of how the Russian dolls should look has change. However, this initial design with the Bohemian look gained approval and acted as a base for all subsequent themes that revolved around Russian dolls.

We, Like You illustration

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