Client: SingTel
Commissioned by: Harddrive, BBDO
Year: 2009-2010
Country: Singapore

SingTel is a Singaporean telecommunications company with a combined mobile subscriber base of over 600 million customers in 25 countries. I was tasked to undertake many of their Below-The-Line (BTL) collateral.


SIngTel needed a logo design for their newly published mioTV TV guide magazine at that time for every household that subscribed to their cable mioTV. The logo was designed to look sleek, digital and modern.

mioTV TV Guide logo
SingTel TvGuide magazine


This brochure was designed SingTel for a mega Expo event to promote their data plans during the Christmas period.

SingTel brochure

Direct Mail

Direct mailer design for youths to encourage them to sign up for SingTel’s plans.

SingTel youth DM
SIngTel youth DM

Another direct mail design for SingTel aimed at their existing subscribers.

SingTel direct mailer


Leaflet designed aimed at travelling corporates. Die cut design was employed to make it look like the shape of a luggage.

SingTel leaflet

Foldable Brochure

SingTel leaflet
SingTel leaflet

Display Counter

Display counter designed for SingTel that was placed in their building.

SIngTel display counter

Wall Mural

Wall mural design at SingTel’s building during the World Cup period in 2011.

Wall mural

Outdoor Advertisement

Poster design of the same campaign during the World Cup period in 2011. This was displayed at bus stops and MRT wall advert stands.

SingTel poster


E-newsletter design to encourage SingTel’s customers to participate in their Survey Monkey.

SingTel Survey Monkey newsletter

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