Vida De Latinos was South-East Asia’s first online magazine bridging Latin America to South-East Asia through lifestyle, arts, music, culture and Latino events and happenings in the region. During my time serving as its content director, I had the privilege to manage writers under me, boost its online presence through social media marketing and write and edit articles for the publication.

Travel with Latin Flyer

Mark Chesnut’s online blog blossomed into a full-functioning website solely dedicated to authentic Latin American travels that are fresh, fun and intriguing, with explorations to areas and Latin experiences seldom mentioned in mainstream media.

Mexico’s Tree of Life

The Tree of Life now consists of creative varieties that involve both religious and non-religious themes. Themes can include Nativity, Noah’s Ark, Day of the Dead, Greek mythology and contemporary stories, the most common of themes being the relationship between life and death.

Go Zouk, Asia!

Go Zouk! Yes we mean it! In case you think we're referring to the dance club down at Jiak Kim Street in Singapore, the answer is no. We are talking about one of the latest latin dance instalments that is already creating ripples in Asia. Zouk or Zouk-Lambada, as it's...

Larger than Life Urban Art

While graffiti is sadly classified as vandalism rather than art in Singapore, local artists can vent their envy and jealousy on Alfredo Segartori. This well-known Argentinian street artist who is recognizable by his signature handlebar moustache, goatee and bald head,...

Life is Beautiful

In case you're wondering whose hands are behind these beautiful little sophisticated wearable pieces of art, meet Veruschka Stevens, the Bolivian woman who is the founder and artist of Veru Designs based in Philadelphia, USA. Raised in Germany and Bolivia, the now...

Photography with Latin Love

When South African hostel owner Nelieta Mishcheko and her Russian husband relocated to Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina in 2007 to open Hostel Tinktinkie, little did she expect that she would be so spellbound by this side of the world that she expressed her love...

Carolina Arias: From Dust to Zumba

When Carolina Arias from Temuco, Chile, first chanced upon Zumba, little did she know that such an encounter would save her from the life crisis that she was experiencing. So how did this 34-year-old group fitness instructor and personal trainer of 13 years who then...

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