Client: Maduro Media Group
Year: 2012-2013
Country: Singapore

Vida De Latinos was the flagship brand of Maduro Media Group and was South-East Asia’s first and only online lifestyle magazine bridging Latin America to Asia. Content featured included music, art, lifestyle, dance, food, travel and so forth. The magazine promoted itself heavily online via social media. I was placed in charge as its content director, to manage and oversee the development of its design, branding strategy, online marketing, editorials and content.

Branding and Identity

Maduro Media Group’s (MMG) logo was designed with a crown in mind to represent itself as the key umbrella group where other brands such as Vida De Latinos and other activities were housed under. 2 ‘M’s which represents the first 2 initials of MMG were used and joined together to form a crown.

Maduro Media Group logo

Being South East Asia’s only online lifestyle magazine connecting Asia to Latin America, and MMG’s flagship brand, Vida De Latinos’ (VDL) logo was designed with positivity in mind, added with a touch of rawness that resonated with the Latin vibe.

Vida De Latinos logo
Vida De Latinos logo icon

Landing Site

VDL landing site design

While Vida De Latinos was building its presence on social media without a full-fledge site, a landing page was designed to act as a temporary page to reach out to those on the search engines and redirect them to its social media while the site was fully building in progress. Cultural objects from Latin America were used to form the continental shape of South America. Each of the objects were carefully placed to map each country’s tradition, while the brown paper background, coloured bands and stamp-like icon of the logo were used to give it the look of travel and reflect the raw colours of Latin America.

Business card / Namecards

The business cards were designed by adopting the similar illustration and design from the landing site in order to maintain brand consistency.

MMG business cards

Media Kit

I was responsible for the design, copywriting and marketing content for the media kit of Vida De Latinos, which were handed out to potential advertisers in the form of a PDF.

Vida De Latinos media kit design

Social Media Banners

These are some of the social media banners that I created for Vida De Latinos’ Facebook page, to promote its online magazine with a print magazine cover feel.

VDL social media poster
VDL competition winner announcement

I also designed for MMG’s Peruvian cooking workshop which included an online flyer that was posted on Vida De Latinos’ main website and social media, and its accompanying print voucher for confirmed attendees.

Peruvian cooking workshop banner
Peruvian cooking voucher


Right after the website was complete, the landing site was replaced with the finished site, which came with

Vida De Latinos website design
Vida De Latinos site - mobile responsive

Web Banners

These are some of the web banners I designed for Vida De Latinos’ main website. Banners were periodically redesigned and updated accordingly.

VDL top banner design
VDL top banner design
Latin culinary workshop banner
VDL banner design
VDL instagram ad
VDL event banner design
TripAdvisor ad design

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