365 Days with the Celebrity

Title: 365 Days with the Celebrity
Genre: Chick-Lit, Romance, Fiction
Sypnosis: Ariel Lee has been stuck for years in a dead-end job as an assistant chef. Struggling to meet ends meet in a life of poverty while raising her young son whose father left them for another woman, their lives would soon change when she narrowly won a coveted one-year contract with a year-end prize of a million dollars to be a full-time, in-house chef for world-renowned megastar singer, Leon Waltz, whose handsome model looks and sexy dance moves have women from all over the world swooning after.

Ariel’s stay at his penthouse soon proves to be challenging as she unravels behind-the-scenes of Leon’s true personality beneath his glamour facade – his outrageously lavish but troubled lifestyle of alcohol and women, his unpredictable outbursts, and his frequent ruthless threats to fire her each time she failed to deliver to his satisfaction. Little did both of them realise that their relationship would blossom outside the bounds of a boss and employee as they got to know each other through a series of events, where feelings develop into a forbidden territory where neither had planned for in the first place nor wanted to succumb to.

A life-changing incident and utter confusion would soon propel Ariel to re-evaluate her entire relationship with Leon and her purpose in life, forcing her to choose – either to stay on and be with Leon or walk away from him before the end of her contract, which would mean forfeiting her prize.

*Selected by Asians-in-Literature in Romance
*Listed in Best Books Recommendation by @Aparna_Bhagat

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