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Chancho may be less than a year old, but already it has shown potential to have what it takes to possibly be the next big thing in the Argentinian film and design scene not too far from now. Their video and design series for the recent Fiesta Del Bigote 2012 (ie. Mustache Party 2012) are smart, quirky and fun, a sign of their unconventional approach to art direction. Chancho’s co-founders Facundo Lema, Nicolas Giarrusso and Fernando Claps, all of whom fall at the same age of 27, shared with us their journey as a studio.

Tell us more about Chancho.
We are 3 founding members, each of us migrated from a different educational background. Facundo Lema is the advertising creative, Nicolas Giarrusso is a motion designer and Fernando Claps is a graphic designer. We knew each other in an agency, where we used to work together. There, we realized that we make a great team. So, the idea of creating a studio originated from there. Fernando left the agency to another studio. After a year or so of doing some freelance works together and thinking through the idea, we all decided to leave our jobs and officially started Chancho in June/July of 2012. Having then all the time to dedicate to Chancho, we started doing all that we needed – our branding, webpage, and a couple of projects we were tasked.

Why was the studio named ‘Chancho’ which means pig in Spanish?
Well yes, Chancho means pig. But it also can be used as an adjective, like saying filthy, nasty, dirty. We were aiming to the adjective side of the meaning, because sometimes we like to push the limit a little more in every possible way. It’s like something you like and want a lot but is not normally right.

Describe the kind of works Chancho specialise in.
Chancho mainly specialises in motion graphics projects, but we also offer 2D, 3D, filmmaking, graphic design, creative development and art direction.

Chancho's design works

Where and how do you draw your inspiration for your works?
Internet is always a great way to find inspiration and be updated on everything that is happening in the design world. Movies is also a great inspiration for us. We love movies!

Tell us the process of how you create your work.
With the first brief of the work, we usually discuss ideas for the project. Once we arrive on an idea that we like, we tend to look for references to narrow our way. Then we start to make primitive tests, so we can see if it works. After that, we proceed on to create the final version.

How many videos / artworks have Chancho done so far?
We like to count every work as a project. A couple of our projects have like 3 or 4 videos or artworks in it. We also have a lot of internal work that we make either to learn or to test some techniques.

Any notable clients who have commissioned you?
Since we are just beginning we haven’t had the luck to work with big clients. We have worked with some agencies, and we have done some independent work.

Has Chancho done any work for clients outside Argentina?
We recently made a work with BellMontis in Singapore. It was a great experience. Very clear and organized project. That I would say is the main difference compared to clients in Argentina – organization.

What is Chancho’s best work to date?
I think that “Fiesta del Bigote – 2012” was a big experience for us. In every possible way, we learned a lot. It was kind of a bet for us, because in that project we pushed our limits and the result was fulfilling – from the birth to the idea to the development of a visuals set for the party.

Chancho’s worst experience to date?
I cannot say we had a bad work experience up to date. Of course we had our ups and downs. Bad experiences are always a great way to learn.

What is the arts /design / video scene like in Argentina?
Here in Argentina, the quality level is very high in the design scene. I think that today we are in a phase of change. There is a new generation of designers that are innovating the market. So in terms of competition, it is hard to make a place as a new studio, but in terms of cultural exchange is nice to be always growing and learning. The main challenge here is to stand out as a studio with our portfolio. Another challenge would be to always be updated with works that are current, but also ensure that these works can stand the test of time.

What kind of projects do you hope to do in the future?
We always dream about doing an ID project for a TV channel. But other than that, we always hope to work on projects with open minded clients who are willing to push the limit.

To find out more about Chancho, visit http://getchancho.tv/

This article was published on Vida De Latinos’ online magazine, 1 March 2013.

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