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Sending a printed card may raise eyebrows for those who are now accustomed to a diet of e-consumables, but one card company has proved that printed cards are still very much in fashion amidst the digital landscape – meet Kampong Kards, a greeting card company that devotes to promoting local humour at its best through quirky, cartoony illustrations with tongue-in-cheek messages.

The bubbly trio behind Kampong Kards – sisters Sumitra Aswani and Sandhya Aswani, and Sumitra’s fiancé, Pramod Nair were pleased to display their collection of square-shaped cards made from solid quality, eco-friendly paper. On flipping open their very first and most highly sought-after card, Chill Lah, One More Candle Only, I was unable to contain my laughter the moment I caught sight of its inside message: Wah! Actually you quite old already ah!

“That’s the reaction we get and want to get,” smiled Pramod, whose background in banking has helped transform Kampong Kards into a thriving business.

Kampong Kards team

The team behind Kampong Kards (from left): Sumitra Aswani, Sandhya Aswani and Pramod Nair

Each card is as eye-catching as its brilliant execution in delivering Singapore humour in an infectious and light-hearted manner through simple and creative illustrations. The team collaborates closely with designers and artists based here, and welcomes with arms wide open, anyone with that artistic flair regardless of experience, background or age. “When we first started out, we had no idea what the arts scene in Singapore was capable of. The more time we spent with artists, the more we realised how much talent is thriving here,” said Sandhya.

Sumitra credited their father as the brain child behind the idea, “Four years ago, me, Sandhya and our dad discussed about Hallmark cards and why we buy into the American sense of humour through greeting cards in Singapore. We have so many inside jokes that we locals use in our daily language, but we don’t use them in our greeting cards, so we were very puzzled by the lack of such local greeting cards in the shops here.”

Since their inception in May 2013, Kampong Kards has gained a growing stream of customers and fans, thanks largely in part to referrals, workshop invitations, flea markets and distributing retailers. They pride that even foreigners love their cards too, and being able to bring a piece of our local culture back to their homes.

The trio have also praised their families and loved ones for their support in their business, despite their occasional struggles of working late nights to meet overwhelming demands during seasonal occasions and other customised requests, including corporate events, weddings and parties. And they’re having fun at it too. The future is looking exciting and optimistic for them.

Indeed, Kampong Kards’ cards have lived up to its name through the sentimental idea of personally handing out a card that was once common before the e-era, a special act which can never be replicated through a mobile text message.

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day, why not put down your smartphone for once and send a real card instead?

Kampong Kards

To find out where you can get your Kampong Kard or how to have one customised, visit http://www.kampongkards.com/

This article was published on Shiok,sg – http://www.shiok.sg/2015/kampong-kards-local-humour-turns-into-serious-business/

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