I raised my brow when I first heard about a miraculous health and beauty, all-in-one essence which you can apply onto your skin AND drink it -silica essence. Find it preposterous? You’re not alone.

Years of Japanese research have led to a patented process to boil and distill silica for 8 hours at over 2000°C heat to successfully extract the right amount of silica. Although silica essence is no stranger to Japan, only now has this Japanese product been introduced to Singapore.

Known as one of the most important compounds essential to our health, silica has been proven to delay aging, support anti-inflammation, promote hair growth, rapidly heal skin tissue, strengthen our nails and bones, reduce cholesterol and stubborn fats, neutralise acidity, strengthen immunity, prevent aluminium toxicity in our bodies, remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables, etc. – the list is endless.

Too good to be true? Yup, I got skeptical at first. But I finally took the plunge to try out this concentrated essence packed in a simple, elegant bottle pump.

Said to effectively improve the absorption of food vitamins and nutrients into our bodies, I squeezed a small amount into my water daily. The silica essence has a strong, notable alkaline taste and smell, but a few drops won’t significantly affect the taste when added to soups, honey, fruit juice or to your food, whether hot or cold. In fact, it enhances taste in many cases.

A few drops of silica essence were added into my daily skincare routine, particularly into my rose hip oil, which I had stopped applying to my face since it caused me breakouts. The silica instantly emulsified the oil. After a moment’s hesitation, I carefully rubbed it onto my ugly scars. The results were visibly noticeable the next day. For the first time, there was no breakout and the scars seemed to have faded a little. Despite sleeping with the air-con on everyday, the moisturising effect on my skin prolonged ’til the next morning. The effects from direct consumption of the silica essence were not so immediate compared to its topical application. However, by the 5th day, I felt more rejuvenated and I could focus on my work better. On day 7, my skin felt suppler and the constant backaches that I suffered from regular office work have significantly reduced.

What’s more, spraying a mist mixture of water and silica on targeted areas did wonders to eliminate my body odour. Even my painful acne bumps subsided in about 2 days after application.

Despite its hefty price tag, the multi-purpose health-and-beauty benefits and its shelf life of more than 5 years make the silica essence a clear-cut winner above the rest, a great companion to your daily meals and skincare cosmetics. Because silica is a naturally-occurring compound, its usage extends to kids, the elderly and even to our furry pets (I kid you not!).

Drink it, apply it, spray it, love it – the silica essence has finally won me over as my go-to holy grail.

REJUQ Shirka (concentrated silica essence) can be purchased online at https://rejuq.com

This review was posted on https://rejuq.com/blogs/news/silica-essence-too-good-to-be-true

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