Being spoilt for choice from mall to mall can be confusing, especially when you’re hunting for the best deals.

Shopping is unarguably one of Singapore’s favourite pastimes, where a visit to the mall at least once a week is routine. However, being spoilt for choice from mall to mall can be confusing, especially when you’re hunting for the best deals.

Not to worry though!

Here are 7 hacks that will add joy to your shopping experience with even more perks!

1. Rack up reward points from your receipts
Before you stash away your receipts, take a closer look at the fine print and you may find additional promotions. Even if you don’t, scan your CapitaLand mall receipts with the CapitaStar app to earn STAR$! This unlocks exclusive e-Deals with further discounts and other bonuses from your favourite brands that are unavailable to non-app users.

2. Be well-informed and well-prepared 
By visiting the mall’s website, you can take advantage of any promotion, time-limited deal or special sale event that is exclusive for that particular mall.Join their loyalty programme and be the first to receive their latest discounts and updates, so you don’t miss out on any exciting stuff, including exclusive app deals.

3. Take advantage of the latest credit card promotions
Your credit card is your next best shopping companion, especially when it rewards you with perks each time you spend. Take for example, The American Express® CapitaCard. Earn 3X STAR$ for every dollar spent to stretch your dollar. Now that’s what we call wise spending!

4. The magic key: ASK
Just because the store doesn’t advertise its discount doesn’t mean there isn’t one. By simply asking (politely) for a good bargain, you may be surprised by the goodies you’ve gained!

5. Screenshot the directory
It’s so easy to lose your way especially when you’re in a megamall and the nearest directory can be a far walk away. Save precious time by taking a snapshot of the directory upon arrival before doing your shopping.  Or try the mobile wayfinding feature on our website. Search for the shop you’re heading to on our website and click on the location pin to navigate. Easy peasy!

6. Shop on a weekday
It has been proven that consumers tend to spend more on weekends than on weekdays. By shopping on a weekday, not only will you likely spend within your budget, you can also enjoy a less crowded shopping mall. Some stores even offer bigger discounts on weekdays than on weekends!

7. Make a reservation
Making a reservation is not limited to restaurants and cafés. Some stores allow you to book your items in advanced, so you can skip the queue and not worry about missing out once you get there. They may even offer you a discount for making a booking! Check out the Chope function on the CapitaStar app under ‘Our Partners’ tab and start booking away!


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